Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I hire you and not do it myself?

It is not imperative that you hire a debt collection service if someone is not paying you. You can always try to collect the debt yourself. However, you can hire us if you’re tried unsuccessfully to collect. You can also hire us if the person or organizations you are trying to collect from are using highhandedness. It goes without saying that we represent some of the best debt collection services who can help you save lots of time, money and effort as opposed to doing it yourself.

2What makes your service different?

The one thing that makes us different is that we do not charge you anything! You only pay when your debtor pays back. So, there is absolutely no risk on your part, plus all the while our people work hard to ensure that you get your money back. In addition, our customer service and highly professional agents only use ethical and morally approved methods of recovery.

3What guarantees do you offer?

Debt collection is a very difficult line of work. There are many things that can go wrong and which are not in your control. That said our network of debt collection agencies have an 80% recovery rate. That’s well beyond any of our competitors. Plus, since we are not charging you up front you don’t need a guarantee of any kind.

4How do you collect?

Our seasoned debt collection agencies use a time tested process of debt collection. This includes a mixture of psychological and legal pressure. The pressure is then gradually built up to the point where they eventually have paid. Since, every case is different the exact methods may vary as do the companies assigned to your case. However, in some cases ligation may be used as the last resort.

5Can you recover money from a company that has not paid me?

A. Yes! whether you have done business with the company or whether you have lent them money we can help you collect that debt.