how we work

When it comes to debt collection, we are by far the easiest and most efficient service that has helped connect dozens of people with the most experienced services in Saudi Arabia. We have made our service extremely easy to deal with, clear policies and an open door ethos ensures that regardless of what size debt you need to recover we are just one call away. Below we highlight a couple steps which are involved in recovering your debt, from the time that you contact us.

1st Step: Meet with us

In order to fully understand your current circumstances and what attempts you have made to recover your debt in the past we need to meet and discuss. The initial meeting is merely meant to work as a way for us to get a feel of what direction we can take and if you are fine with it. It also helps us understand the relationship you have with the debtor. The more we know the more it helps us in recovering debt by assigning the right agency to the job. Once we have agreed on a recovery plan, just sign an agreement authorizing the agency to handle the recovery on your behalf.

2nd Step: Recovering the debt

The recovery phase often starts with a phone call to the debtor. The call is like an introduction, just to let them know that the case is now in the hands of professionals. Often time debtors do not expect that a professional like the ones banks use would be taking care of recovery on your behalf. Many times a couple of calls is all that is needed to get your money back. However, if that does not work we then escalate our debt recovery efforts to a personal appearance. At this point 80% of debtors will pay, since we not only appear in person but also apply psychological pressure.

3rd Step: Leveraging the law

Saudi Arabia has some of the best debt recovery laws and the legal system is very swift. This is why if the above two methods do not work, or work partially we can then escalate matters by taking the person or business to court. However, this is done only after consulting with you. We have some of the best lawyers who will prepare your case so that a legal notice can be sent to initialize the proceedings.

Step 4: The final step

Debt recovery can at times be difficult. However, the above methods have been proven to work. So, the 4th step is when the debtor pays up. We then pay you via cheque or bank transfer minus our pre-agreed charges.