Labour Lawyers

Labour of any country plays a vital role in its development and progress. All developed nations have progressed with the help of their hard-working employees and workers. Special benefits and rewards are given to them for their encouragement and appreciation. Each country takes special care of their labours and employees, and have special laws made to guard their basic rights. Labourlaw of Saudi Arabia addresses all the basic issues of labours and workers and provide the guideline for courts and the public to solve their problems. Labour lawyers in Saudi Arabia cater to the needs of their clients and help them to solve their problems.

Dubai Debt Recovery is a global firm which operates in various countries and assists clients to solve their legal affairs of different kinds. We operate in Saudi Arabia and help our clients to get in touch with our best and professional associate labour lawyers. We help our clients to get professional legal services from one of the best law firms and attorneys as our associates.

Our associate lawyers are skilled in the domain of employment and labour law. We help organizations, companies, businesses and individuals to strive and progress without any issues and complications related to labour law and regulations. Our focus is to consult with our clients to understand their problems and then try to solve the issues according to their wish.

With the help and trust of our clients, we make new strategies and plans to ensure success by developing potential solutions for their problems. We deal with the following issues related to employment and labour law,

  • UAE immigration Visa
  • Employment Visa Cancellation,
  • Issuance and its renewal
  • Wrongful Termination,
  • Arbitrary Dismissals
  • Equal Pay Disputes
  • Salary Issues
  • End of service Benefits,
  • Compensation
  • Employment and Termination policies and decisions,
  • Employment Contract Drafting
  • Interpretation of Obligatory Employment Laws,
  • Gratuity
  • Collective bargaining Human rights and equality issues
  • Judicial Reviews
With the help of our associate labour lawyers in Saudi Arabia we provide in-depth guidance and solution of employment-related issues. We serve clients of every cast, color and nation to get their basic rights and get justice according to the labour laws of Saudi Arabia. From litigation, to drafting new contracts for clients and businesses or appearing in court hearings our associates help at each step to ensure justice. It helps to bound companies to remember and fulfill their commitments towards an employer.
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