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Organizational Structure

We have structured our organization so that our clients receive the best possible service in the industry. Unlike other debt collection services in Saudi Arabia, we employ a number of different divisions that connect people to the right debt collection service in Saudi Arabia. Plus, our network of collection agencies allows us to cater to larger businesses like bluechip and multi-national banks. Debt collection agencies we represent include: Soft debt collection Telephone collection Legal aid and advice Auto loan collection Hard debt collection Absconder collection In field collection

Compliance and quality

Compliance and quality happens to be one of the most important units of our business. The professionals in this department are responsible for making sure that debt collection is handled professionally and as per the standards laid out by the Saudi decree. Plus, it also ensures that the right steps are taken when there is a need to escalate debt recovery efforts.

Collection department

This department comprises of the most experienced and professional recovery agents in the industry. This is also probably the fastest growing department. They work by assigning case like yours to the right agency, and are given certain guidelines within which they your debt should be recovered. This is to ensure that your image is always protected.

Law and Legal

We need to make sure that debt recovery is always done with us having a legal upper hand. This department takes care of the research required for us to both recoveries legally within the required framework as well as instigate a lawsuit against the debtor.


The first step for us to start recovering your debt is to meet with you. The initial consultation and even consultation in between the process is imperative for us to discuss recovery strategies. Debt recovery is by no means easy and even though we are professionals try to always keep you in the loop of the latest developments. Plus, we need your opinion for times when it’s important that we escalate the matter further because the collection agency is unable to collect otherwise. Our consultants are seasoned debt collection experts and so are in the best position to understand and discuss your current predicament.

Let us help you!

We represent some of the best debt collection agencies across Saudi Arabia. Nobody understands debt collection the way we do. This is why we invite you to come talk with us, so that we can take care of your debt woes starting today.


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